Liz Martinez

About Liz Martinez

“When I was very young, I used to sit in my little room flipping through the pages of Vogue magazine. I practiced drawing and tried to give life to those drawings by dressing up my dolls. At the age of 18, I was finally able to start studying fashion. My first studio was in fact a corner in a small room in my mom’s apartment. When the room got a little too crowded I moved up to the rooftop of our building and soon after evolved into a studio downtown. Today, I am proud to say that my team and I work out of a large, yet very warm, growing fashion house and that my gowns can be found in several countries around the world.”
Liz Martinez is a young, Israeli bridal gown designer. In a matter of just a few years that can be counted on a single hand, she has evolved from sewing her own designs in her small bedroom at her mother’s apartment outside of Tel Aviv, to becoming one of the hottest brands in the international bridal fashion scene.

While some may refer to her as the “Cinderella” of the tidal wave of Israeli designers hitting the world’s ever-sizzling bridal fashion market, Liz sees her success as a “do or die” situation and encourages all young girls to make their dreams a reality and become the woman they know they can be.

Her youthful passion and creative spirit along with her sense for elegance and glamour are the leitmotif in all her collections.

The Philosophy

For Liz Martinez, every design is the quintessential expression of a woman’s inner beauty and seductive nature. The use of unexpected materials, unconventional cuts, strict attention to details and ability to flow with current trends, have placed Liz Martinez as one of the most significant, fresh, and innovative designers to come out of Israel. Each dress is a reminder of how a little girl’s dream can become a reality; for a bride it could mean her wedding day, for Liz it is a flourishing successful fashion house. Come take a look here.


French Israeli, Liz Martinez started her journey at the tender age of 18. After completing her studies, she quickly rose to the top, and became one of Israel’s leading Fashion Designers. Her unique, eye-catching sense of style, and creative thought process has not only been recognised by leading publications, but continues to evolve, build, and leave quite an impression all over the globe. Read more about it here.

The Studio

Liz Martinez’s flagship studio is located in the heart of Israel. The studio consists of a very tight-knit team of specialists that are experts in their field, and very passionate about what they do. Everything from the designing, cutting, sewing, beading, marketing, communications and more is done in-house. Liz believes that all elements of creating a bride’s dream dress must be intimate and personal, and ultimately that every employee, and every bride becomes part of the family. Get an insider’s look here.

Dany Mizrachi



Fashion designer DANY MIZRACHI began his career in the fashion industry as an ambitious teenager, ironing clothes and different fabrics in a small family owend textile shop in South TEL AVIV. Dany has worked with celebrities like Gal Gadot. 

Several years later, the Mizrachi brothers would launch thr “Rosh Indiani”(indian head)network’ that would change the face of local fashion industry and introduce international standarts and groundbreaking innovations into the market.

“that’s also why I’m do not compromise on anything – not for fabrics, not about the details ,and certainly not the quality of the work. I treat all customers as if they were one of my daughters getting married” …

Following his success, Dany then decided to re-emerge onto the scene and introduce his personal fashion house, bearing his name, Dany Mizrachi.

Specializing in bridal and evening gowns, Dany’s signature pillars of asymmetrical cuts, three dimensional designs, and the resourcing of the finest raw materials, sent waves through the industry. Considered to be both disruptive and innovative , Dany Mizrachi success continues to resonate in the luxury bridal industry today, as he introduces new designs that are on trend and at the forefront of the fashion world, and yet at the same time, have Dany unique fingerprint . His avant-grade approach continues to captivate his audiences on a global scale.


Dany Mizrachi experienced several noteworthy collaborations throughout his career , such as serving as the house designer for “Dancing with the stars” in Israel. Furthermore , he is known for discovering and showcasting model Galit Gutman,and bringing international supermodel Irina Shayk onto the Israeli scene. When Dany is not onstage and in spotlight ,he is backstage, training the young up and coming fashion designers during their studies as “Shenkar” and personally tutoring the graduates from various fashion schools around the world .He truly has an unselfish desire to share his wisdom and perspective, to mold the future of the industry , and bring out the best in everyone around him.

“My relationship with my customers is like an ongoing love story”… 

Dany Mizrachi is driven by his passion . His passion and commitment to both excellence , details ,and most importantly ,exceptional customer service. The personal service that Dany offers his exclusive customers are unparalleled and surpass all expectations set forth by the market.

Dany has guided and accompanied thousands of customers during the happiest moments of their lives , and his trademark, being the personal connection and high-touch attention to which he gives to each individual.

Idan Cohen

Idan Cohen

Idan Cohen

The israeli designer Idan Cohen was born to a family of fashion.
As a child he wondered the factory of the family’s Denim brand and dream of an international fashion brand of himself.
After becoming the company’s creative director, he realized his passion is in bridal gowns and evening wear.

Idan went on to study at the London prestigious fashion school Marangoni.
After graduating he came back to Israel and in 2011 opened up his own studio, that rapidly became a success.
Today, 4 years later, the studio has moved to a 4000 square feet store at the fashionable neighborhood of Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv.

Idan Cohen has made a Name for himself with his special unexpected designs. Television hit shows, like the Housewives of Tel Aviv, has chosen him to design for their stars and many celebrities wear his designs, for their special events and their high profile weddings.

All the designs are meticulously hand sawn at the brand’s workshop and in prestigious factories throughout the world. Idan Cohen fulfils the dreams of his clients and caters to all their needs and desires.

The brands is run by Idan’s life partner, Elad Borenstein, and as in the history of fashion, their partnership is a perfect match of creativity and talent, and business and charisma.

Isabelle Armstrong

Isabelle Armstrong Logo

Isabelle Armstrong

The Isabelle Armstrong bridal collection is firmly routed in the belief that each and every wedding dress be imbued with a spirit of romance, sophistication and modernity. Remy Quinones, CEO, Founder and Creative Director, believes that a wedding dress is not just something that is beautiful on it’s own.

It takes the right bride in the right dress to make that moment truly magic.Marrying tradition with the element of surprise into the collection, each gown carries with it the promise of fashion, fantasy and function. Quinones draws inspiration from a variety of sources combining a centuries-old sense of propriety with the current mood of the modern bride. Elements of fantasy add moments of surprise with unexpected details, combinations of fabrics and bold silhouettes. But Quinones also understands that you can’t underestimate the need for comfort in a wedding gown. A bride needs to dance, hug and throw her hands in the air, without giving it a second thought.

Quinones, an entrepreneur and wedding industry veteran, founded and launched the Isabelle Armstrong bridal collection in 2013. She was inspired by the many real brides she had come to know and admire over the years at her couture wedding salon in New Jersey. Sensing that there was a niche for a collection of wedding gowns that expressed a passion for exquisite couture fabrics, delicate laces and custom embroideries, Quinones took her desire one step further with the creation of her own luxury wedding brand.

Every season, Quinones challenges herself and her team with new, innovative silhouettes and details that make each dress as individual as the bride who will wear them. Luxe, handcrafted fabrics combine effortlessly with innovative techniques, forward-thinking design and time-honored craft, all vital DNA hallmarks of the Isabelle Armstrong Collection.

Eve of Milady

Eve from Eve of Milady

Eve of Milady 

Award-winning bridal designer Eve Muscio creates all of her gowns using the finest fabrics from different parts of the world and is most widely known for her incomparable designs of embroideries and laces. Her gowns have a unique signature look that fit to perfection no matter what size, “I love all the brides that choose my gowns to feel an absolutely magical experience. I feel proud to be such an important part of their wedding day.”

Alexandra Grecco Website Photo

Alexandra Grecco

Alexandra Grecco released her first ready to wear collection in the spring of 2010, finding inspiration in the designs of eras past and cinematic landscapes, real and imagined. In her work, she has found herself drawn to classic, feminine designs that, while rooted in nostalgia, achieve a sense of timelessness.

Looking for a gown in advance of her own wedding in 2013, she saw an opportunity to create a bridal line of her own and pair her aesthetic with high-quality fabrics and intricate hand-embroidery. Launching in July 2014, the Alexandra Grecco bridal line features ethereal gowns for the less-traditional bride.

Emmaline & O’Hara Bridal

Emmaline Bridal

Emmaline Bridal & O'Hara

Kansas City based designer Emily Brown has a deep appreciation and enthusiasm for creating beauty. Her passion for serving her customers in a sincere and heartfelt manner is what drove her to finally turn her vision into reality and bring her designs to life. When you are making a purchase as intimate and emotional as a wedding dress, Brown believes you should not have to compromise. Her line developed organically to accommodate her customers that wanted a completely custom gown. Brown lives on a small farm outside of Kansas City with her 4 kids and husband. She loves Jesus and a sweet moscato.

Maria Elena Headpieces

Maria Elena Headpieces Designer Photo

Maria Elena Headpieces

The history of Maria Elena Headpieces is not just the story of a business, but the story of a family. Over a decade ago, Maria Elena created her very first headpiece as a mother’s gift to her daughter Marile to wear on her wedding day. This headpiece was not just an accessory, but was and is a precious family heirloom that will be passed down through the generations of their family.

Today, Maria Elena and Marile wish to share this gift with brides everywhere to sell you headpieces that were created with the same love and commitment that Maria Elena had when she created Marile’s bridal headpiece, and to provide you with the beautiful design, excellent quality and unsurpassed customer service that we are committed to at Maria Elena Headpieces.

Maria Elena has worked with people like Mariah Carey and over 22 celebrities who wear her headpieces.

Blossom Veils

Blossom logo

Blossom Veils

Blossom Veils and Accessories is line of luxurious bridal accents created for the individual who appreciates pieces that are fresh, exquisitely crafted, and unique. Established in 2011, Blossom Veils and Accessories hit the forefront of the bridal industry creating trends for a modern bride using craftsmanship derived from a family trade. The artisans at Blossom do the finest and most intricate embroidery and beadwork in the world with the very techniques once used to gild the Kings and Queens of India. All veils and accessories by Blossom are created from the highest quality silks and chiffons, trimmed with satin and organza, and embellished with Swarovski crystals, glass beads, opal, moonstones, and mother of pearl.

We believe each detail has the opportunity to express a bride’s individuality with a design that is defined by generations of integrity and expertise. She is carrying with her a legacy of charm and artistry that will enchant the memories she keeps from her wedding day. Brides who choose a Blossom piece are adorning themselves with a work of art.

Blossom veils and accessories and are sold throughout the world through fine retail stores.