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Look Out Ladies, Here Comes Muse by Berta


With sexy silhouettes, fabulous fabrics, and stunning style – Muse, the diffusion bridal line from the house of Berta, will soon be landing on the racks of Park City Bridal. What you should know about the amazing designer, her gorgeous designs, and why you need one of her gowns right now!



The Designer – Berta Balilti


The sole designer of the fashion house is Berta Balilti, a Shenkar College of design graduate. Since the launch of Berta in 2004, heads have been turning and haven’t stopped. Let’s take a look at why.

Berta has an avant-garde design style, one that always tests the barriers and boundaries of the modern world of fashion design. Her style of design is famous for bold, sexy and modern fit that incorporates vintage materials and retro styles.  She plays with fabrics mixing laces, tulle, and embroideries in a way that makes a woman feel feminine and sexy, confident and alive. Berta takes a hands-on approach in her company not only designing all of the collections, but also oversees all of the production assuring that her collection leaves for her retailers embodied exactly as she originally envisioned.

Berta is a name synonymous with high-end fashion and sought-after bridal. Her venture into evening wear and her diffusion line Muse constantly keeps fashion bloggers and magazine editors on their toes. People can’t seem to wait for her next collection. Getting an invite to her runway shows or one of her private viewing events is akin to getting a Golden Ticket into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, it’s that fabulous!!



After its launch last year, M– USE by Berta has fast become the most popular and praised new bridal line worldwide. In direct continuation to this success story, the new 2018 M– USE bridal collection is undoubtedly one of the most effortlessly chic lines to be presented this year. True to the BERTA style, this new collection is the perfect mix of passion and confidence. Showing edgy silhouettes with soft flowing fabrics, it is the contradicting mix of elegance and boldness that makes this collection stand out.


The new M– USE ad campaign is a Sicilian love story that is set to take you into a journey through the magic of this authentic Italian island, which has managed to maintain a certain kind of vintage realness, which simply takes your breath away. As the oriental and authentic inspiration that lays at the core of the M– USE line, there couldn’t have been a better location than Sicily to accommodate and tell the M– USE story.


M– USE by Berta brought a certain focus on modern yet romantic silhouettes to the market. This new collection features a vast selection of edgy silhouettes with intricate details of lace, soft layers of tulle, and hints of glimmer. Each piece is a work of art, comprised of handmade details that make these masterpieces shine in their own spotlight. Featuring a sophisticated, sexy feel with high slits, there is an attitude each dress owns like no other. It is contagious while wearing the design, it’s an indescribable feeling of emphatic emotion.


Known for luxury, this fashion forward line is an indulgence of many sorts. It is no question that this new M– USE collection will be among the most sought-after designs in the coming year. There is a unique craft that is special to M– USE, which nothing can truly ever come close to. Let Park City Bridal be your “M– USE” on your wedding day.

By: Paula Haberichter

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