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Part 2: Choosing the Perfect Veil

Part 2: Choosing the Perfect Veil




In our last blog we went over a variety of veil options: birdcage, shoulder, elbow, fingertip, and knee length. You were probably thinking…..”Wow, we covered a lot. There are so many lengths I need to consider…what to choose???”


But wait, there is more!


What about some REAL DRAMA? Do you want that veil that will wow the crowd? Something that adds that next level of theatrics? The final piece of elegance that trails behind you walk down the aisle? Then here are the last of the lengths to add the dazzle you need J



Chapel Length

A stunning walk down the aisle in a chapel length veil will scream beautiful bride. Also known as a sweep veil or full veil, the chapel length veil measures between 90″ and 108″ in length and should fall between 6 to 12 inches past your train or hem.  This veil is perfect for a more formal setting and elaborate gown. It will add a soft illusion to your dress and is perfect with a beautiful blusher. To ensure the perfect length when buying a chapel length veil, be sure to measure where it will be placed in your hair to the end of your hem.


Cathedral Length


Are you looking for a royal entrance a la Princess Diana, dare we say the ultimate show stopper? You will want to choose a cathedral length veil, the longest veil lengths that ranges between 120 to 144 inches. Cathedral veils are considered formal and should be worn with a semi-cathedral or cathedral length gown.  This veil type should extend past the bride’s train, and when spread out still allow the gown to be seen. If you are a bride with a dramatic flair then look no further than the cathedral length veil.



So How do the CELEBRITIES DO IT????


When your face is known around the world, layering it beneath tulle may seem like playing down one of your very best assets on the special day. But for these celebrity brides, wearing a veil only enhanced their star presence. See just a couple of our favorite looks from a couple of faces that you may recognize.


Little sister to Britney, Jamie Lynn Spears, wore a beautiful cathedral length veil on her wedding day. Kim Kardashian kept it long with her Givenchy veil on her wedding day! We all knew that drama went well with her look 😉

Miss Ciara looked like a princess on her wedding day to Russell Wilson. She chose her extra-long cathedral veil because she wanted to honor her mom.

Isn’t that just so sweet?!

And last, but CERTAINLY NEVER LEAST, the LADY, PRINCESS DIANA, with her 25ft. long cathedral veil. Gone but never forgotten…..

By Paula Haberichter






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