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Part I: Choosing the Perfect Veil

How to choose the perfect veil.

A veil seems to be a simple accessory, but it can complete and transform your entire look. The icing on the cake. The final touch that completes the perfect look. This is why Park City Bridal exclusively carries Blossom Veils. Drop dead gorgeous and completely customizable, we will find that perfect look with them for the bride every time.


The lifting of the veil was often a part of ancient wedding rituals, symbolizing the groom taking possession of the wife, either as lover or as property, or the revealing of the bride by her parents to the groom for his approval. In the last century, a bride’s veil was worn over the face during the ceremony and then lifted by the father of the bride or the groom at the end of the ceremony. Oh how times have changed. Today, a veil is a fashion accessory to some, a religious requirement for others, a nod to tradition for the rest. Choose your gown first and then try various types and lengths of veils that best complement your gown. We have everything that you need to complete your look at Park City Bridal, but first let’s go over the different lengths and styles of veils.


Birdcage Veils

Birdcage veils are the perfect length for an outdoor wedding.  The last thing you want to do is struggle with a long veil that has been picked up by a gust of wind, while you say “I-do”.  Traditionally birdcage veils are short and extend just past the chin. However, some brides wear them to the side to allow the netting to sweep across their face for a more dramatic and bold angled look.  A birdcage veil is great if you want a vintage vibe, but also work well to add a bit of drama.  Fashion forward, vibrant, and confident brides-to-be love a birdcage veil on their big day. Some even like to add feathers or flowers to their birdcage for additional flair!



Shoulder Length Veil

Shoulder length veils traditionally measures around 20 inches in length and are perfect for gowns that have a lot of detailing, such as beading on the lower back, waist, or bust.  This veil length rests on your shoulders or slightly covers your shoulders.  With the veil being shorter it will not draw attention away from the details of your gown and will allow for a clear view when taking photographs. This is a great option for less formal events where the bride wants to wear a veil but mainly show off her gown.

A flyaway veil is similar to the shoulder length veil, measuring 18″ in length though considered less traditional or formal looking. Flyaway veils add a bit of fun to bridal attire and are a great option for a bride looking to show off back detailing of her gown or for a bride wearing an ankle length dress.

It is important to note that the placement of a shoulder length veil can make a drastic difference to the overall length of the veil. Be aware of your veil placement when ordering a shoulder length veil. Consider how you will be doing your hair when you shop for your veil, it will make a huge difference with these veils. You may want to bring your veil to a hair trail to see that it still works as you originally had planned when you purchased it.


Elbow Length Veil

The elbow length veil is considered the universal length and measures 25 inches. As you guessed it, this veil length extends to your elbow. Neither too long nor too short, it pairs nicely with most dress styles. It can be a single tier veil or have multiple layers with a blusher.  Although more appropriate for an informal setting, the elbow length veil is stunning for a ball gown because the veil ends where the fullness of the skirt begins. It is a go-to veil for most brides because it is very flattering and not overbearing when it comes to walking down the aisle. It is also very manageable when taking pictures.

Fingertip Length Veil

The fingertip length veil is also universally flattering and is a commonly worn style of veil.  Fingertip length veils look beautiful on any body type and coordinates perfectly with most gown styles. It is called ‘fingertip length’ because the length is approximately 36 inches, extending to the bride’s fingertips.  A great choice because it allows a bride to wear a longer veil that won’t block the focus of her beautiful gown, as you can still see it through the sheer fabric. Crystals, beading, 3d florals, metallic embroidery, and romantic lace all beautifully adorn these styles of veils.

Knee Length Veil

The knee length veil is a beautiful option for a bride wearing a fitted gown without a train. It measures approximately 45″ in length and should fall between the knee and mid-calf.  If you desire a long veil to wear throughout your reception, then you should select a knee length veil.  It gives you the freedom to move around during the evening without having to drag the veil around. Beautiful waist and bodice detailing on your gown will benefit from a knee length veil. Whereas most brides chose not to wear the veil the duration of the reception, this is a style that gives you the choice to do so.




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