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How To Find The Best Dress For Your Shape

How To Find The Best Dress For Your Shape:

Wedding gown shopping can be overwhelming. So many styles, so many shapes!!! Knowing basic dress silhouettes and body types and also understanding how they flatter your figure will help you make that decision that you look back on with a smile five, ten, twenty-five years from now.


Petite, plus or average size, you’ve got a full bust.

Dress dos: Accentuate the positive with an uplifting foundation garment, like a good bra, or a corset. A great seamstress can always sew one of these in to your gown to keep the garment from moving and give you that more confidence in your shimmy on the dance floor! Another option is to minimize your curves by balancing your top with a full skirt.

Dress don’ts: Be careful that your dress isn’t too revealing — you want the focus to be on your face. And don’t forget to move around in your gown during fittings to make sure everything stays in place. No bride wants the girls jumping ship during the reception!

Eve of Milady Style 4358 



You’re built like a swimmer, with wide-set shoulders. 

Dress dos: Highlight your toned shoulders with a halter neckline, or go for drama in a gown with long sleeves worn off the shoulder. Select a dress with a bodice that highlights your waistline to offset your shoulders and create an hourglass shape. Think of adding a belt to the dress, or a sash, if it doesn’t already come with one. Just another flattering detail that breaks up the silhouette.

Dress don’ts: Trying to conceal your shoulders is not recommended, as it sometimes produces the opposite effect. Stay away from cap sleeves, which can add width to the shoulder area.

Liz Martinez – Graciella Gown


Though small on top, you round off toward the bottom.

Dress dos: A dropped-waist style or a strapless ball gown will cover your bottom half and put more emphasis on the top. An off-the-shoulder neckline will keep the attention on your upper body, and an A-line gown is always a flattering choice.

Dress don’ts: A sheath can be unflattering, and a V-neck will draw the eyes downward.

Isabelle Armstrong – Nickie


You’re voluptuous, with a well-endowed bust and curvy hips.

Dress dos: Try a mermaid- or trumpet-style gown, which will have a slimming effect. A high-waisted A-line dress with a low neckline also complements curves. Show off your assets and work with what you have!

Dress don’ts: A slim sheath or slinky bias cut will cling and may accent any extra inches; also avoid spaghetti straps because they won’t provide the support you need.

Liz Martinez – Sofia Gown


Short or tall, you have a boyish waistline. 

Dress dos: Empire-waist gowns are made with you in mind. And a ball gown with a basque waistline, which is a V-shaped dip in the front, will give your waist a nipped-in look for more shape. The addition of cups, which can be sewn into the gown, can give you some more oomph in the chest area as well.

Dress don’ts: Steer clear of sheaths and dropped-waist styles, which will make you appear boxier.

Eve of Milady – Style 345


You’re small.

Dress dos: The key word here is elongation. It’s best to keep it simple. A column-like sheath or an A-line dress works best: These will keep the eye moving and create the illusion of height. Have your dress help give you length instead of tip toeing around in shoes that you will want to kick off half way through the reception.

Dress don’ts: Almost all silhouettes will flatter your figure, though a big ball gown or a dress with lots of voluminous fabric may look overwhelming on your small frame. Remember you wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you.

Idan Cohen – BG612907


You’re five foot ten or taller.

Dress dos: Taller women look great in everything from sheaths to A-line styles and full ball gowns. A long veil is great for you because you can carry it off. Cathedral veils are making a huge comeback and we say go long!!!!

Dress don’ts: Skip gowns with high necklines because they’ll draw the eye upward and create more length. Avoid updos and headpieces that add too much extra height. A simple halo or a beautiful comb works better than a tiara in this case.

Dany Mizrachi – DM76/17


You’ve got a baby bump, anywhere from four to nine months along! It’s important!

Dress dos: Buying a gown while pregnant can be tricky and really critical for decision making, since you can’t predict how big you’ll be come the wedding day. An Empire waist is your best bet for its loose structure and relaxed silhouette. For the mom-to-be who wants to show off her belly, a soft, clinging sheath in a stretchy fabric makes a proud statement. Remember to account for the fact that your belly has other parts growing along with it, give extra room in the bust as well.

Dress don’ts: Avoid anything that’s too constricting, uncomfortable, corset-ty, including tight bodices and ball gowns, which will emphasize your middle which in this case your baby bump.

** Whatever your dress choice is, just remember that this is YOUR day. Wear whatever you feel the most comfortable and confident in. At the end of the day, YOU are the one walking down the aisle. Don’t be afraid to try on new styles, you may just be pleasantly surprised.

By: Paula Haberichter

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